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   Partners Bridge Club
You're Going to Love 
Playing Bridge Here!
416 - 422 - 2582 (CLUB) 
email: partnersbridge@sympatico.ca

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Classes and Seminars too!
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No Cell Phone Zone!
Turn It Off! 
Tune In to Bridge!
Weekday Parking Limitations

Weekday Afternoons you may park in the lot adjacent to the club with a Handicapped Permit - except not in a space that is reserved for one of the retail tenants.

Please ensure that the permit is displayed properly and that it is current (they do expire).

Handicapped permits not properly displayed may be tagged if
- permit is placed on the visor that is not turned outward, or
- visor is turned outward but still not visible due to tinting of the upper portion of the windshield, or
- permit is placed on the dashboard so deep that the dark portion of the windshield is covering most of the permit

Evenings, Weekends and Holidays everyone may park
in the lot adjacent to the club

Weekday Afternoons without a handicapped permit -
​there is lots of parking in the area!
Be Happy and Walk to Bridge!
Partners Holiday Schedule

Wednesday December 24, evening...club closed
Thursday December 25, all day...club closed
Friday December 26, all day...club open
Saturday December 27, afternoon...club open
Sunday December 28, afternoon....club open
Monday December 29, all day...club open
Tuesday December 30, afternoon...club open
Wednesday December 31, afternoon ...club open
Wednesday December 31, evening....club closed
Thursday January 1, afternoon....club open
Thursday January 1, evening....club closed

during Toronto Sectional Tournament
Friday January 2, afternoon....club open
Friday January 2, evening....club closed
Saturday January 3, afternoon....club open
Sunday January 4, afternoon....club open

ACBL Membership Games
Loads of Extra MP's  No Extra $

Friday Afternoon & Evening December 26
Saturday Afternoon December 27
Sunday Afternoon December 28
Monday Afternoon & Evening December 29
Tuesday Afternoon December 30
Wednesday Afternoon December 31 

All ACBL members playing with another ACBL member are elligible to win lots of points!
Club Championship Games
Lots of Masterpoints No Extra $
Fri Dec 19, afternoon and evening
Sat Dec 20, afternoon