Welcome to Partners Bridge Club!

We have a great venue in mid-town Toronto.  Games 7 days a week, excellent directors and outstanding teachers....

Our players are friendly and welcoming!

Contact us 416-422-2582   partnersbridge@sympatico.ca

June is Special Events Month!

World Wide Bridge Contest Friday Evening June 3 & Saturday Afternoon June 4 +$5....analysis will be available online.  Do join us for this event, which is enormously good fun and gives you the chance to compete against other pairs from all over the world - a rare opportunity indeed. Because it is scored using the ECatsBridge system, you get masses of information showing you exactly how you fared in the game. You can watch as clubs upload from all around the world, and get the "buzz" of excitement as the scores change.

Commentary and analysis by Mark Horton

Player appreciation!  Partners will provide printed copies of the analysis...please reserve for these games so we know how many copies to have available!

STAC = Silver Points at the Club, Monday June 6 thru Sunday June 12, All games +$3

Club Championship Week Monday June 20 thru Sunday June 27, No Extra $'s!  Partners will absorb the cost.  Clubs are now being charged $1 US per table (previously there was no cost)


Director Please! - Tips on Rules and Etiquitte Director Please! - Tips on Rules and Etiquitte

Bridge is a timed event. Games should start on time, and the director should keep them moving on schedule. There is nothing more frustrating for a pair than to follow two slow players and never be able to begin a round on time. The guideline for ACBL events is 15 minutes per two boards, 20 minutes per 3 boards. The director has an obligation to players not to allow one or two persons to make the game unpleasant for the majority.

From ACBL Regulations: Chapter 12:
1.1 Pairs exceeding the time limit per round are under an obligation to catch up and must bid, play and score hands without extraneous conversation. If a pair fails to make up the time within two rounds, the director shall first issue a warning and thereafter assess penalties for second and successive offenses.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. No new board may be started after the director has called the round
  2. Late plays are at the discretion of the director
  3. It is the responsibility of all players at a table to catch up, if that table started late - Many players are quick to blame the opponents or say “It’s not our fault”

The most frequently used option for a director is to pull a board that hasn’t been started before the round was called and give each pair a NO PLAY. Their total matchpoint score will be pro-rated up, just as if they had a sit-out. (in other words, the 2 pairs will receive the score of their game for the missed board). A second ‘No Play’ results in a procedural penalty. (Average minus for the pair responsible)
Slow Play can sometimes be attributed to difficult hands. However, most slow play is due to bad habits, poor use of time, and general time wasting.  Here are some typical indiscretions:
The Personal Score Card:

  1. Make sure you are not writing in your Personal Score Card when you are supposed to be bidding or playing a card
  2. If you are on lead, place your opening lead face down, ask if partner has any questions, and turn it face up BEFORE you write in your Personal Score Card
  3. If you are Dummy, display the dummy BEFORE you write in your Personal Score Card 
  4. If you are operating the Bridgemate, enter the result at the end of the hand and get EW to OK it BEFORE you write in your Personal Score Card. Do not be typing into the Bridgemate when you are on lead, or about to be Dummy. Also, pay attention to the board numbers that are being played at your table.  Directors are called far too frequently to correct a mis-entered board.

Discussion of results:

It is totally inappropriate to comment on results, as they may be overheard at other tables.  It is also totally inappropriate to say things like “top board” or “good for us” or “only 1 score better” partner - This is considered gloating and is unacceptable behavior at the bridge table.
Discussion of Hands / Post Mortems
Between hands, discussion should be extremely limited.
Any partnership discussion should take place at the end of the round or game– and only if time permits


Contact Us! & Reservations

Call 416 - 422 - 2582 (CLUB), or email the club, or complete this form to get in touch with us! (You only need to send once!..TY)

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Games for New and Improving Players

Monday Evenings @ 7 pm...299er

Tuesday Afternoons@ 12:15... Novice Supervised Play < 50 mp's

Thursday Afternoons @ 12:30...199er

Thursday Evenings @ 7 ...499ers

Saturday Afternoons @ 1 pm...499ers

Partners Mentor/Mentee Program

We Need More Mentors Please!

Playing in an Open game is often an intimidating experience for many!  Partners is looking for

Mentors to welcome newer players!  Mentees with 100 - 300 Masterpoints who want to play in the Open game with a friendly face across the table!

We'll set up the Partnerships, you can play together whenever it is convenient for both of you!  Mentors will play the Mentee's card!

The objective is for everyone to have a great time, get to know each other and remember that Bridge is Fun!

If you're interested in being a Mentor or Mentee

Please email partnersbridge@sympatico.ca



Please call the club @ 416-422-2582

or fill in the Contact Us form

or email partnersbridge@sympatico.ca

Thank you for choosing Partners!


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