Welcome to Partners Bridge Club!

We have a great venue in mid-town Toronto

939 Eglinton Avenue East @ Brentcliffe Road

Games 7 days a week,

Excellent directors and outstanding teachers....

Our players are friendly and welcoming!

Contact us 416-422-2582 (CLUB)


Partners will be moving to the south end of the building on April 30/17 - this will be our new home!  It's a lovely space with soaring ceilings, sky lights and windows facing west!  We're very excited to stay in the neighbourhood and look forward to many more years!    Suzanne & Joel

Lots of Extra Masterpoints...No Extra $'s

Club Championship Week

Monday December 5 thru Sunday December 11

ACBL Membership Week

Monday December 12 thru Sunday December 18

Only ACBL members playing with other members are eligible for Masterpoints!

Holiday Celebrations...from Partners to You!

Cheese & Crackers, Veggies and Dip and Desserts wil be served on

Saturday December 17 and

Monday Afternoon & Evening December 19

We wish you all a Very Happy Holiday!

from all of us at Partners!


Holidays 2016/17 Game Schedule




  Fri Dec 23 Open, Game @ 12:30 No Game
  Sat Dec 24 No Game No Game
  Sun Dec 25 No Game  
  Mon Dec 26 Open, Game @ 12:30 No Game
  Tue Dec 27 No Game  
     Wed Dec 28 Open, Game @ 12:30 No Game
  Thu Dec 29 Open, Game @ 12:30 No Game
  Fri Dec 30 Open, Game @ 12:30 No Game
  Sat Dec 31 No Game TYB Party
  Sun Jan 1 No Game  
  Mon Jan 2 Open, Game @ 12:30 Open, Game @ 7 pm
  Tue Jan 3 Supervised Play @ 12:15  

Contact Us! & Reservations

Call 416 - 422 - 2582 (CLUB), or email partnersbridge@sympatico.ca, or complete this form to get in touch with us! (You only need to send once! ... Thanks!)

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Games for New and Improving Players

Monday Evenings @ 7 ... 299ers

Tuesday Afternoons @ 12:15 ... Novice Supervised Play < 50 mp's

Wednesday Mornings @ 9:30 ... Fun & Friendly with Glenna

Thursday Afternoons @ 12:30 ... 199ers

Thursday Evenings @ 7 ... 499ers

Friday Evening  @ 7:30 ... <750

Saturday Afternoons @ 1 ... 499ers

Life is Full of Change and Challenges...Embrace them All!


Winter Bridge Classes

Our Winter Bridge Class Schedules can be found by clicking on the Bridge Lessons tab on the left side of the page! 


How does Pianola Work? 

Similar to many web-based software applications, users require a User ID and Password. You are not required to create this account, but you will need it to make full use of the tools that Pianola offers. Players who create their account will be able to access their personal results history, along with a cumulative analysis of their performance and many other useful tools.

Pianola User Guide

Understanding your results history on Pianola

Partner Finder Guidance

Pianola Plus

Kibitzer Fall 2016 Edition

The Kibitzer is a newsletter serving the Ontario bridge community ACBL Units 166, 238, 246 & 249.
It is published three times a year and consists of news about bridge,
including upcoming bridge tournaments, interviews, interesting hands and unit business.

The Kibitzer has been published by the local bridge organization since the mid-1950s.
Players are encouraged to submit articles, hands, and letters to the editor.

Please click here for the fall edition

Kibitzer Editor Andy Stark andy.kibitzer@gmail.com

Bridge Canada Magazine

The October 2016 issue of the Bridge Canada magazine is now available for CBF (Canadian Bridge Federation) members. Please login to access the magazine from the Members Section menu @ www.cbf.ca

The magazine features a variety of articles by Canadian writers including, educational articles, quizzes, bridge humor, interviews with Canadian bridge personalities, as well as reports from Canadian and international events.

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