Welcome to Partners Bridge Club!

We have a great venue in mid-town Toronto.  Games 7 days a week, excellent directors and outstanding teachers....

Our players are friendly and welcoming!

Contact us 416-422-2582   partnersbridge@sympatico.ca

For The Love of Bridge! You're Invited to....

A Party at Partners Bridge Club!

Saturday Night September 17 @ 7 pm

Lots of Extra Masterpoints available...

No Extra Cost...Ticket or $12

Please bring snacks to share and BYOB

We can...

Cheer for the Cdn players at The World Bridge Games in Poland

Congratulate Ray Jotcham's achievement of Grand Life Master

...remember Samantha...

Play Bridge, Celebrate Bridge and Have Fun!  

Reservations Requested 416-422-2582

Special Events

 Club Championship Week

Lots of Extra MP's ....No Extra $

Monday September 12 thru Sunday September 18

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Labour Day Weekend

Partners Bridge Club will be closed

Friday Evening Sept 2, Saturday Afternoon Sept 3 and Sunday Afternoon Sept 4 and Monday Evening Sept 5!

Partners will be Open Monday Afternoon September 5,  Afternoon game @ 12:30 (closed Monday Evening)

Labour Day Sectional

Games for New and Improving Players

Monday Evenings @ 7 pm...299er

Tuesday Afternoons@ 12:15... Novice Supervised Play < 50 mp's

Thursday Afternoons @ 12:30...199er

Thursday Evenings @ 7 ...499ers

Saturday Afternoons @ 1 pm...499ers

The best way to improve at any game is to play with the best. Golfers do it, tennis players do it!  Bridge players do it too!  Play up and play often at Partners!

Contact Us! & Reservations

Call 416 - 422 - 2582 (CLUB), or email partnersbridge@sympatico.ca, or complete this form to get in touch with us! (You only need to send once! ... Thanks!)

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