Welcome to Partners Bridge Club!

We have a great venue in mid-town Toronto.  Games 7 days a week, excellent directors and outstanding teachers....

Our players are friendly and welcoming!

Contact us 416-422-2582   partnersbridge@sympatico.ca

North American Pairs

NAP Club Qualifiers

Red Points at the club @ no extra cost!

Wednesday Afternoon July 13, Friday Evening July 15, Monday Evening July 18,

 Thursday Evening July 28 NLM,Sunday Afternoon August 7,

Monday Afternoon August 8, Thursday Afternoon August 11,

Saturday Afternoon August 13 NLM, and

Friday Afternoon August 19

District 2 Finals November 13

NABC Spring 2017 in Kansas City

Director Please!

Director Please! - Tips on Rules and Etiquette Director Please! - Tips on Rules and Etiquitte


A claim is not disrespectful of the opponents. Either side may claim. Some hands are more difficult than others.  If you can claim on the easier hands, it will give you more time for the difficult ones. If you “know” that you have all the rest of the tricks (or maybe saying “I’ll give you one more trick") say so and move on.

When making a claim, all play stops, and you MUST state your line of play clearly so that the opponents understand what you are going to do. If you do not state your line of play it will take more time to sort out the result, and now you have not saved any time at all, but wasted time.

We have “good claims” and everyone at the table is happy. We also have “good claims” stated poorly – call the director to sort this out.

We have “bad claims” – call the director to adjudicate. The director will ask for the line of play to be restated and then rule to restore equity. If the claimer (in a trump contract) makes no mention of an outstanding trump in the claim, there could be a chance that the claimer did not realize that there was actually a trump outstanding. The director will decide if a normal line of play (which may be either careless or inferior for the class of player involved, but not irrational) would allow the claimer to lose a trick to that trump.

Once a claim has been stated, the claimer may NOT change the stated line of play.

There can be no pat solution to rulings on claims. A degree of bridge judgment is required since the intent of the Laws is to resolve each individual case as equitably as possible to both sides.

The Laws clearly state that a player may not be awarded a trick that he cannot possibly win - nor can a player who concedes lose a trick that he cannot possibly lose.



Contact Us! & Reservations

Call 416 - 422 - 2582 (CLUB), or email the club at partnersbridge@sympatico.ca, or complete this form to get in touch with us! (You only need to send once! ... Thanks!)

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Games for New and Improving Players

Monday Evenings @ 7 pm...299er

Tuesday Afternoons@ 12:15... Novice Supervised Play < 50 mp's

Thursday Afternoons @ 12:30...199er

Thursday Evenings @ 7 ...499ers

Saturday Afternoons @ 1 pm...499ers

The best way to improve at any game is to play with the best. Golfers do it, tennis players do it!  Bridge players do it too!  Play up and play often at Partners!


Please call the club @ 416-422-2582

or fill in the Contact Us form below

or email partnersbridge@sympatico.ca

Thank you for choosing Partners!


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